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partner advisory

Whether you seek a stronger platform from which to deliver on your clients’ expectations; a more profitable model in terms of leverage and to maximise your earning potential; or simply to identify a better cultural alignment.

Craig Ashton-Sward is a Director of Law Staff and has been a Senior Client Advisor to the legal profession for more than 30 years. Having been the confidante to many Partners on the range of challenges faced, Craig has facilitated more than 100 lateral appointments to alternate partnerships in some of Australia’s largest and most successful practices, from specialist M&A firms, to mid-tier nationals and first-tier globals.

Craig shares his unique insights, comprehensive written briefs, as well as sensitive yet critical intelligence on:

  • Partnership culture and idiosyncrasies including values and camaraderie (trust us when we say that no one firm is perfect);
  • Individual profitability of the relevant firms;
  • Partnership structures and equity distribution;
  • Strategic growth plans;
  • Intra/Cross practice compatibility;
  • Performance expectations; as well as
  • Historical transitions.

If ultimately a move is determined the best course of action, Craig facilitates high level discussions with the relevant Board member of select firms. This is executed with precision, discretion, and absolute confidentiality.  

He has assisted Partners in writing detailed business plans that identify only relevant information including key practice components as well as transitioning requirements, and less of the white noise.

Craig will advise you when the appropriate time is to table this information to ensure your commercial interests are preserved. Most importantly, he will only ever confer with the relevant Board member after you have done your research and at a time when you have expressed in writing that you are ready to take that cautious next step. Absolutely everything stays in the vault until that time. Additionally:

  • all discussions are without cost to you; and
  • if required, a list of Partner references for whom we have facilitated these moves can be made available at your request.

For an uncompromisingly confidential discussion, please contact Craig Ashton-Sward | 0413 743 838 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days).​