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Facilitating strategic legal career moves with uncompromising ethics.

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Benefit from the technical knowledge and high level connections of our experienced advisors. 



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Sharing unique insights so that lawyers can reach, maintain, and find meaning in their professional goals.


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Law Staff may have been founded in 1987 yet our vision remains focused on contemporary methodologies and the constant refinement of our service delivery to ensure we exceed expectations in terms of courtesy, comprehensive advice, timeliness, and complete transparency.

Clients have benefited from Law Staff's understanding that their people, like our own, are the most important asset to a business. Our interaction with you is therefore not defined as transactional, as with many others in our industry. More so you will come to understand that each Law Staff Advisor takes a considered approach to the achievement of longer term interests once we have explored with you what that may be.

As specialist consultants in executive legal recruitment and legal management consulting, our experience has been amassed through more than 30 years of consulting to corporations with in-house legal departments, government owned corporations, and private legal practice.