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team building

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In this sector, Law Staff is brought in to consult on the building of teams progressively in key areas as part of change management; or where institutional clients have been acquired and files are being transferred; or simply where aggressive growth strategies require resourcing in a staged manner.

Our Client Advisors will work with HR Directors, CEO’s or other Board members to identify organisational requirements including projected file volumes, support systems including practice management software, file management responsibilities, relationship management, leadership and risk management protocols.

Aggregated resourcing requirements are segmented to factor in the transfer/transitioning of new business, with contingency plans identified in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Various resourcing strategies are recommended based on the timing of client requirements, a ‘go live’ date is agreed, and an action plan is implemented.

Your primary contacts for this market segment are Craig Ashton-Sward and Trudy Reading.