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vertical portfolios

This is where Law Staff takes it to the next level for its clients by building vertical portfolios to complete service offerings in commercial firms. Indicative of this is where a firm is lacking a particular service line, and Law Staff is engaged by the Board to grow its practice through diversification.

Our Senior Client Advisors liaise with heads of departments within targeted portfolios, and engage in higher level discussions over a period. Should the relevant Leaders choose to advance, Law Staff will then identify and document individual team members’ skillsets, as well as more holistic client portfolios and revenue streams, factoring for staged client transitioning and possible attrition. Law Staff then facilitates information sessions with the balance of team, individual contracts are executed, and a ‘go live’ date is agreed. Induction and Integration is synchronised with the Board, HR Department, Facilities Management, and the Marketing Department.

In terms of our historical performance for specialist practices and top-tier law firms, Law Staff has been instrumental in creating vertical portfolios for clients in the following areas:

  • Construction;

  • Major Projects;

  • Corporate Finance;

  • Corporate M&A;

  • Taxation;

  • Defendant Insurance;

  • Intellectual Property & Technology;

  • Workplace Law;

  • Planning & Environment;

  • Property;

  • Migration Law; as well as

  • Government Services.

​ Our advisory work in this regard has been instrumental in the migration of sizable teams and has resulted in top line increases of up to $8M in terms of annual revenue growth, outstripping the timeline and investment surrounding traditional organic development.

Your primary contacts for this market segment are Craig Ashton-Sward and Trudy Reading.