Preparing for your Performance Review

08 May 2024 Law Staff

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If you’re currently working in Australia you will know, we’re soon approaching EOFY. Which means it’s almost time for the Annual Performance Review.

Yesss, it’s that time when we all get a bit jittery, waiting to hear what our leaders have to say. We tend to stress over potential criticisms, those moments we didn’t quite hit the mark, or when we could’ve done better. But hey, a performance review isn't solely about receiving constructive criticism; it's a chance to reflect on personal growth, express aspirations for taking on more responsibilities, and suggest improvements for both individual and company development.

In a world where job opportunities are at the click of a button, it's crucial to feel like you're growing and reaching your career goals. Senior managers know this; that's why they try to keep you engaged and enthusiastic about your role.

This doesn't imply demanding entitlement or dismissing managerial feedback. Rather, it's about ensuring that personal growth and career objectives are aligned with the organisation's goals. Here are some tips to navigate your next review effectively:

  • Leave Anxiety Behind: While it's normal to feel nervous, redirect your focus towards your role in the organisation's success, emphasising growth and development over personal shortcomings.

  • Preparation is Key: Start documenting your progress and challenges well in advance. Keeping records of specific instances where you could have performed better allows for constructive discussions and future improvements.

  • Confidential Conversations: If certain issues are hindering your performance, address them professionally during the review. Trust in the confidentiality of these discussions and understand your right and responsibility to raise concerns.

  • Clarify Career Goals: Your manager may not intuitively understand your career aspirations. Clearly communicate your expectations and ambitions to ensure personalised support and progression.

  • Acknowledge Milestones: Celebrate your achievements, whether they involve financial recognition, promotions, or simply maintaining job satisfaction amidst challenges. Recognise your resilience and contribution to both personal and organisational growth.

Navigating performance reviews can be daunting, but viewing them as opportunities for growth rather than mere evaluations can transform the experience into a valuable dialogue for personal and professional development.