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commercial litigation & dispute resolution

Whether it’s resolving complex corporate disputes or advancing the interests of clients through strategic commercial litigation, Law Staff acts for law firms with varying levels of expertise across a range of Tribunals, in District Court matters, right through to superior courts and courts of appeal. Depending on the complexity of matters and their client’s financial interests, they can be representing individuals, small and large business, major public companies, multinational corporations, State and Federal government departments and government owned corporations across a range of issues including:

  • Energy & Resources Disputes;
  • Property & Real Estate Litigation;
  • Corporate Insolvency;
  • Trade Practice issues;
  • Directors Duties;
  • Professional Negligence;
  • Taxation Appeals;
  • Intellectual Property Litigation;
  • Construction Disputes;
  • Employment Litigation; and
  • Administrative Law.

Law Staff are always calling for lawyers with strong training in strategic dispute analysis and management, litigation, injunctive relief, arbitration, mediation, judicial review, and negotiation strategies.

To discuss further, please contact Bianca Calder or Craig Ashton-Sward.